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As I had now men enough to remove half our property, I made a start of it, leaving Grant to bring up the rest.

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The commander in chief then told me Kamrasi did not wish them to accompany me through Kidi for the Kidi people don t like the Waganda, and, discovering their nationality by the fullness of their teeth, would bring trouble on us whilst trying to kill them.

To this the sages said, Bana speaks beautifully, feelingly, and moderately.

The old executioner, Kunza, being present, ICND2 200-105 I asked the king to pardon his son.

The cause of all this commotion was a royal order to seize sundry refractory Wakungu, with their property, wives, concubines if such a distinction can be made in this country and families all together.

I had promised that this morning I would teach the king the art of guinea fowl shooting, and when I reached the palace at 6 a.

One can seldom afford to follow wild animals on the line 200-105 Braindump Pdf of march, otherwise we might have bagged some antelopes to day, which, scared by the interminable singing, shouting, bell jingling, horn blowing, and other such merry noises of the moving caravan, could be seen disappearing in the distance.

After going a certain distance, we came on a rush drain, of much greater breadth even than the Mwerango, called the Moga or river Myanza, which was so deep I had to take off 200-105 Exam Guide Pdf my trousers and tuck my clothes under my arms.

The merchants on the coast, too, though prohibited by their Sultan from interfering with the natural course of trade, send their hungry slaves, as touters, to entice all approaching caravans to trade with their particular ports, authorising the touters to pay such premiums as may be necessary for the purpose.

The queen looked at me, then at the blanket and her son in turn whilst my men hung down their heads, fearful lest they should be accused of looking at the ladies of the court and the Wakungu n yanzigged again, as if they could not contain the gratification they felt at the favour shown them.

Kamrasi had heard of my shooting with Mtesa, as also of the attempt made by Mabruki and Uledi to reach Gani via Usoga.

I went again after the herd of six buffaloes, as I thought one was wounded, and after walking up a long sloping hill for three miles towards the east, I found myself at once in view of the Nile on one hand, and the long heard of Asua river on 200-105 Exam Test the other, backed by hills even higher than the Jbl Kuku.

After this I walked off to see N yamasore, taking my blankets, a pillow, and some cooking pots to make a day of 156-708 Exam Preparation it, and try to win the affections of the queen with sixteen cubits bindera, three pints peke, and three pints mtende beads, which, as Waganda are all fond of figurative language, I called a trifle for her servants.

After a while, and when all business was over, the king begged me to follow him into the palace.

Whatever the freak of the moment is, that they adopt in the most thoughtless manner, even though they may have calculated on advantages beforehand in the opposite direction.


All the huts were full of women, save those kept as waiting rooms where drums and harmonicons were played for amusement.

To Nsangez I gave charge of my collections in natural history, and the reports of my progress, addressed to the Geographical Society, which he was to convey to Sheikh Said at Kaze, for conveyance as far as Zanzibar.

To put a stop to this, I ordered a halt, and called on the district officer to assist us, on which he said he would escort us on to Suwarora s if we would stop till next morning.

I declined, however, to give him the instrument on the security of his promise, and he went to breakfast.


Still he was not satisfied he would give me slaves, cows, or ivory, if I would only cure him.

There was now no help for it so, taking it coolly, I gave Musa s men presents, begged them to look sharp in getting the men up, and trusted all would end well in the long run.

He and all the other household servants were much delighted with this charming acquisition but the poor girl, from the time she had been selected, had flattered herself she was to be Bana s wife, and became immensely indignant at the supposed 200-105 Questions And Answers transfer, though from the first I had intended her for Ilmas, not only to favour him for his past good services, but as an example to my other men, as I had promised to give them all, provided they behaved well upon the journey, a free man s 200-105 Dumps garden, with one wife each and a purse of money, to begin a new life upon, as soon as they reached Zanzibar.

We could keep ourselves on guinea fowls or green pigeons, doves, etc.

We told him it was highly improper to beg for everything he saw, and if he persisted in it, no one would ever dare to come near him again.

Well, then, said the king, if they were not injured, and you only did as you were ordered, 200-105 Certification Material no fault rests with you but begone out of my sight, for I cannot bear to see you, and the Kamraviona shall be taught a lesson not to meddle with my guests again until I give him authority to do so.

Chapter IV Ugogo, and the Wilderness of Mgunda Mkhali The Lie of the Country Rhinoceros Stalking Scuffle of Villagers over a Carcass Chief Short Legs and His Successors BuffaloShooting Getting Lost A Troublesome Sultan Desertions from the Camp Getting Plundered Wilderness March Diplomatic Relations with the Local Powers Manua Sera s Story Christmas The Relief from Kaze This day s work led us from the hilly Usagara range into the more level lands of the interior.

The huts were kept so clean and so neat, not a fault could be found with them the gardens the same.

Start again, and after drinking pombe with Nango, when we heard that three Wakungu had been seized at Kari, in consequence of the murder, the march was commenced, but soon after stopped by the mischievous machinations of our guide, who pretended it was too late in the day to cross the jungles on ahead, either by the road to the source or the palace, and therefore would not move till the morning then, leaving us, on the pretext of business, he vanished, and was never seen again.

They believe certain flowers held in the hand will conduct them to anything lost as also that the voice of certain wild animals, birds, or beasts, will insure them good luck, or warn them of danger.

His household men and women were immensely delighted with us, but more so, they said, for the honour of the visit.

Poor Grant, he had indeed had a most troublesome time of it.

Much delighted, he said he would be very glad to give me two boys for that purpose.

Now, with regard to your accusation of my treating them badly, it is all their own fault.

It was true Manua Sera, their enemy, had taken refuge in his palace, but that was not his fault for, anticipating the difficulties that would arise, he did his best to keep Manua Sera out of it, but Manua Sera being too strong for him, forced his way in.

They lent me as many surveying instruments as I wanted and, through Sir George Clerk, put at my disposal some rich presents, in gold watches, for the chief Arabs who had so generously assisted us in the last expedition.

The officer said he should be afraid to deliver such a message to Mtesa direct but he certainly would tell the queen every word of it, which would be even more efficacious.

I laughed as well as they did, and said it pleased me excessively to see them both so happy together.

On inquiring as to the reason of this, it transpired that, to reach Unyoro, the party would have to cross a portion of Uddu, which the late king Sunna, on annexing that country to Uganda, had divided, not in halves, but by alternate bands running transversely from Nkole to the Victoria N yanza.

Ugogo, lying under the lee side of the Usagara hills, is comparatively sterile.

Has she any children Yes, said Bombay, with ready impudence these are two of them pointing to Grant and myself.

1 42 42 , and E.

I sent Kidgwiga with my compliments to the king, and a request that his majesty would change my residence, which was so filthy that I found it necessary to pitch a tent, and also that he would favour me with an interview after breakfast.

On the 27th April, Captain Grant and I embarked on board the new steam frigate Forte, commanded by Captain E.

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14th to 17th.

Of the mule s position no one could give an opinion, save that they imagined, in consequence of the thickness of the bush, he would soon become irretrievably entangled in the thicket, where the savages would find him, and bring him in as a ransom for the prisoners.

After following down the left side of the valley and entering the village, the customary presents and returns were made.

Frij, who accompanied the deputation, overheard the counsellors tell their king that the Waganda were on their way back to Unyoro to snatch us away on hearing which the king asked his men if they would ever permit it and, handling his spear as if for battle, said at the same time he would lose his own head before they should touch his guests.

The whole was more fairy like, wild, and romantic than I must confess that my thoughts took that shape anything I ever saw outside of a theatre.

Here, in certain places where water is obtainable throughout the year, and wars, or slave hunts more properly speaking, do not disturb the industry of the people, cultivation thrives surprisingly but such a boon is rarely granted them.

I sent Bombay with a farewell present to Kamrasi, consisting of one tent, one mosquito curtain, one roll of bindera or red cotton cloth, one digester pot, one saw, six copper wires, one box of beads, containing six varieties of the best sort, and a request to leave his country.

It was no use saying I had no tailors the thing must be done somehow for he admired my costume exceedingly, and wished to imitate it now he had cloth enough for ever to dispense with the mbugu.

This was done, and I placed it on the ground, saying, The instrument is yours, but I must keep it until another one comes.

Another man, perhaps, exposes an inch of naked leg whilst squatting, or has his mbugu tied contrary to regulations, and is condemned to the same fate.

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Without loss of time I set to work, and, gathering all the travellers I could in the country, protracted, from their descriptions, all the distance topographical features set down in the map, as far north as 3 of north latitude, as far east as 36 and as far west as 26 of east longitude only afterwards slightly corrected, as I was better able to connect and clear up some trifling but doubtful points.

As he advanced, my men, forming a guard of honour fired three shots immediately on his setting foot upon our side the river whilst Frij, with his boatswain s whistle, piped the Rogue s March, to prepare us for his majesty s approach.

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For days past, streams of men have been carrying faggots of firewood, clean cut timber, into the palaces of the king, queen, and the Kamraviona and to day, on calling on the king, I found him engaged having these faggots removed by Colonel Mkavia s regiment from one court into another, this being his way of ascertaining their quantity, instead of counting them.

He is very angry about it, and wished to know if it was done by the king s orders.

I gave him a blister, and, changing the subject, told him the history of the creation of man.

Could I after that refuse him such a mere trifle as a compass I told him he might as well put my eyes out and ask me to walk home, as take away that little instrument, which could be of no use to him, as he could not read or understand it.

The greatest, however, that they could get up was, that I always paid the Wanyamuezi temporaries more than they got, though permanents.

Now, having cut the beast s throat to make him hilal, according to Mussulman usage, and thinking we had done enough if I could only return to the first wounded bull and settle him too, we commenced retracing our steps, and by accident came on Grant.

But this was not all their misfortunes for the slaves who brought in this information had met the first detachment, sent with the Khoko loot, at Kigua, where, they said, the detachment had been surprised by Manua Sera, who, having fortified a village with four hundred men, expecting this sort of thing, rushed Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 2 (ICND2 v3.0) 200-105 Certification Braindumps out upon them, and cut them all up.

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25th and 26th.

His badge of office is an iron hatchet, inlaid with copper and handled with ivory.

Makaka then came forward and said, Just stop here with me until this ill wind blows over but Baraka, more in a fright at Makaka than at any one else, said, No he would do anything rather than that for Makaka s bullying had made him 642-964 Cert Exam quite ill.

The cold winds, however, made the coast men all shiver, and suspect, in their ignorance, we must be drawing close to England, the only cold place they had heard of.

With the utmost complacency our sable brother builds a dwarf hut in his fields, and places some grain on it to propitiate the evil spirit, and suffer him to reap the fruits of his labour, and this too they call Uganga or church.

From this, we repaired to the great throne hut, where all his Wakungu at once formed court, and business was commenced.

Wanyamuezi and Wanyoro, in addition to our own twenty men, carried the luggage, though no one carried more than the smallest article he could find.

Mahamed now disposed of half of his herd of cows, giving them to the chiefs of the villages in return for porters.

Meanwhile Nasib returned from the queen dowager s palace without having seen her majesty, though he had waited there patiently the whole day long, for she was engaged in festivities, incessantly drumming and playing, in consequence of the birth of twins Mabassa , which had just taken place in her palace but he was advised to return on the morrow.


Sunna 7.

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With at last a sufficiency of porters, we all set out together, walking over a new style of country.


Without loss of time I wrote off to Grant, and got these men to carry the letter.

The startling news set the place in a blaze, and brought all the Arabs again to seek my advice for they condemned what Snay had done in not listening to me before, and wished to know if I could not now treat for them with Manua Sera, which they thought could be easily managed, as Manua Sera himself was not only the first to propose mediation, but was actually on his way here for the purpose when Snay opposed him.

It appeared that the officer himself had bolted from his landed possessions, and as they belonged to the church, or were in some way or other sacred from civil execution, they could not be touched, so that Uledi lost an estate which the king had promised him.

The thought never struck me they were lying down in such open ground in the day time so, as I could not go closer without driving them off, I took a shot with my single rifle at where I judged the chest of the nearest one ought to be, and then discovered my error.

Such precaution was only natural and reasonable on Kamrasi s part, and what had been done need not alarm any one.

I could not afford such a sum, and tried to beat them down, but without effect for they said, they had it in their power to detain us here a whole month, and they could get us bullied at every stage by the officers of the stations.

I, on the contrary, called up Kidgwiga.

We slept that night near Kari, the Waganda eating two goats which had been drowned in the Luajerri and the messenger page, having been a third time to the palace and back again, called to ask after our welfare, on behalf of his king, and remind us about the gun and brandy promised.

A guineafowl was sent after dark for me to see, as a proof that the king was a sportsman complete.

He was sitting on the iron chair in the shade of the court, attended by some eighty women, tweedling the loading rod in his fingers but as my rod appeared a better one than his, they were exchanged.

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Then in high impatience, M2180-716 Certification Material all in a breath, they began a recital of the great day s work.

The guide, however, on first sighting his thornfenced cluster of huts, regarding it apparently with the awe and deference due to a palace, shrank from advancing, and merely pointed, till he was forced on, and in the next minute we found ourselves confronted with the heads of the establishment.

I could not get a proper front shot at the boss of any of them, and if I had waited an instant we should both have been picked up or trodden to death so I let fly at their temples, and instead of killing, sent the whole of them rushing away at a much faster pace than they came.

He had not, however, gone long, when, looming above us, coming over the horizon line, was the very animal we wanted.

On arriving at the mooring station, not one boat was to be found, nor did any arrive until after dark, when, on the beating of drums and firing of guns, some fifty large ones appeared.


His head was got up with a tiara of beads, from the centre of which, directly over the forehead, stood a plume of red feathers, and encircling the lower face with a fine large white beard set in a stock or band of beads.

The frontier line was soon crossed and then both sides of the river, Usoga 200-105 Exam Dumps Pdf as well as Unyoro, belong to Kamrasi.

They were the vanguard of Mahamed s party, and said they had orders to march on as far as Apuddo with me, where we must Cisco 200-105 Certification Braindumps all stop for Mahamed, who, as well as he could, was collecting men.

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This frightened him to such an extent 200-105 Test Questions that he immediately produced another and finer goat, which he begged me to accept, promising to convey all my traps to the next governor s, where there would be no doubt about our getting boats.

The other matter of inquiry was, What medicine will attach all subjects to their king for Kamrasi wants some of that most particularly.

As Kasoro still remained silent with regard to Mtesa s message, I told him we shot two of N yamyonjo s men on our retreat up the Nile, and that Kamrasi turned us back because some miscreant Waganda had forged lies and told him we were terrible monsters, who ate hills and human flesh, and drank up all the water of the lake.

For want of better amusement, I made a page of Lugoi, a sharp little lad, son of the late Beluch, but adopted by Uledi, and treated him as a son, which he declared he wished to be, for he liked me better than Uledi as a father.

I sent Bombay to the king to tell him the news, and ask him what he thought of doing next.

A more indecent or savage spectacle I never witnessed.

Impossibilities I said what is impossible Could I not go on as a servant with the first caravan, or buy up a whole caravan if I liked What is impossible For Godsake don t try any more to frighten my men, for you have nearly killed me already in doing so.

This magnificent order created a pause, which K yengo took advantage of by producing a little bundle of peculiarly shaped sticks and a lump of earth all of which have their own particular magical powers, as K yengo described to the king s satisfaction.

Ukulima was also hospitable for on one occasion, when another chief came to visit him, he received his guest and retainers with considerable ceremony, making all the men of the village get up a dance which they did, beating the drums and firing off guns, like a lot of black devils let loose.

I asked the Kamraviona to allow me to draw his pet dog when the king s sister Miengo came in and sat down, laughing and joking with me immoderately.


It may be presumed that there once existed a foreign but compact government in Abyssinia, which, becoming great and powerful, sent out armies on all sides of it, especially to the south, southeast, and west, slave hunting and devastating wherever they went, and in process of time becoming too great for one ruler to control.

About a year ago, as he was making his way down to the coast with his ivory merchandise, on arrival at Khoko, and before his camp was fortified with a ringfence of thorns, some of his men went to drink at a well, where they no sooner arrived than the natives began to bean them with sticks, claiming the well as their property.

At his invitation Cisco 200-105 Certification Braindumps we now crossed over the spur to the Ingezi Kagera side, when, to surprise me, the canoes I had come up the lake in appeared before us.

Frij, it appeared, dreamt last night that the king of Uganda came to fight us for not complying with his orders, and that all my men ran away except Uledi and himself.

A few only make cotton cloth, or work in wood, iron, copper, or salt their rule being to do as little as possible, and to store up nothing beyond the necessities of the next season, lest their chiefs or neighbours should covet and take it from them.

Chongi gave us all a friendly harangue by way of greeting and taking the fowl by one leg, swayed it to and fro close to the ground in front of his assembled visitors.

To follow on was no difficulty, the spoor was so good and in ten minutes more, as I opened on a small clearance, Blisset in hand, the great beast, from the thicket on the opposite side, charged down like a mad bull, full of ferocity as ugly an antagonist as ever I saw, for the front of his head was all shielded with horn.

I received a letter from Grant, dated 10th February, reporting Baraka s departure for Unyoro on the 30th January, escorted by Kamrasi s men on their return, and a large party of Rumanika s bearing presents as a letter from their king whilst Grant himself hoped to leave Karague before the end of the month.

Then, changing the subject, I pressed Rumanika, as he said he had no idea of a God or future state, to tell me what advantage he expected from sacrificing a cow yearly at his father s 200-105 Certification Braindumps grave.

In a country where men were property, the fate of one or two left behind was obvious and had we doubted that his object was to get possession of them, his next words would have sufficiently revealed it.

He explained that Kamrasi was in a great rage because we only received seven goats instead of thirty, the number he had ordered Kwibeya to give us, besides pombe and plantains without limitation.

A band of fifteen drums of all sizes, called the Mazaguzo, playing with the regularity of a lot of factory engines at work, announced the king s arrival, and brought all the boats to the shore but not as in England, where Jack, with all the consequence of a lord at home, invites the ladies to be seated, and enjoys the sight of so many pretty faces.

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Bombay, still sitting, waited for hours till quite tired, when he sent a boy in to say he had not delivered half my message he had brought medicine for the queen, and as yet he had no reply for Bana.

This raised a mutiny.

But as I did not want more women in my camp, I have her some beads, and sent her off with the messenger who claimed her, much against my own feelings.

Whatever remained over was then divided by the boys, and the baskets taken to the cooks.

But they said they could not hear of it they would not go a step beyond this.

They then said we might go as soon as we had settled with the Wahinda or Wanawami the king s children , for Suwarora could not see us this time, as he was so engaged with his army but he hoped to see us and pay us more respect when we returned from Uganda, little thinking that I had sworn in my mind never to see him, or return that way again.

With him Bombay also brought three new deoles, for which I had to pay 160 dollars, and news that the war with Manua Sera was not then over.

In former years, the ivorymerchants, ever seeking for an easy road for their trade, and knowing they would have no hills to climb if they could only gain a clear passage by this river from the interior plateau to the sea, made friends with the native chiefs of Uzegura, and succeeded in establishing it as a thoroughfare.

All these statements were, when literally translated into English, the reverse of what the speakers, using a peculiar Arab idiom, meant to say for all the statements made as to the flow of rivers by the negroes who apparently give the same meaning to out and in as we do contradicted the Arabs in their descriptions of the direction of the flow of these rivers.

Every day this sort of migration continued, just as you see in the picture and nothing more important occurred until Christmas day, when an 200-105 Certification Dumps armadillo was caught, and I heard from Mahamed s head wife that the Turks had plundered and burnt down three villages, and in all probability they would return shortly laden with ivory.

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The Watuta at that time surrounded the district, crowning all the little hills overlooking it but fearing the Arabs guns might be many, they soon walked away, and left them in peace.

Still, as I should be depriving these of hands, I could scarcely expect to get off for less than the value of a slave for each, and told Sheikh said to look out for some men at once, whilst at the same time ICND2 200-105 Certification Braindumps he laid in provisions of grain to last us eight days in the wilderness, and settle the hongo.

Just then Bombay returned flushed with the excitement of a great success.

There was something in her manner when she said this that I did not like it looked suspicious and I contented myself by saying, No, I am a wiser doctor than any in these lands if anybody could cure you, that person is 200-105 Certification Braindumps myself and further, if I gave you a goat to sacrifice, God would be angry with both of us for our superstitious credulity you must therefore say no more about it.

This same flower, held in the hand when a man is searching for anything that he has lost, will certainly bring him to the missing treasure.

This caused a halt.

The Wakungu, who thought, as well as ourselves, that we were in nothing better than a prison, hurried off with the message, and soon returned with a message from their king that he was busily engaged decorating his palace to give us a triumphant reception for he was anxious to pay us more respect than anybody who had ever visited him before.

On which Bombay said, Oh, everybody in the place congratulated me on my success in having obtained an interview with that great monarch the very first day, when Arabs had seldom that privilege under one full month of squatting even Masudi had not yet seen him.

All now went to the camp but what was my astonishment on reaching the hut to find every servant gone, along with the pots, pans, meat, everything and all in consequence of the king s having taken the drums on board, which, being unusual, was regarded as one of his delusive tricks, and a sign of immediate departure.

Then, as Bombay would not do it, I commenced myself, assisted by some of my other men, and pulled it down over his head, all the women who were assembled under it, and all the property.