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I tried my best for them, but the Wasui, fearing to stop any longer, said they would take leave to see Suwarora, and in eight days more they would come back again, bringing something with them, the sight of which would make Lumeresi quake.

Of course, said I, it is made in my country, of the same material, only of coarser quality, and everything of the same sort is made in Uzungu.

This was a fearful drain on my store but the Pig, seeing my concern, merely laughed at it, and said, Oh, these savage chiefs are all alike here you will have one of these taxes to pay every stage to Uyofu, and then the heavy work will begin for all these men, although they assume the dignity of chief to themselves, are mere officers, who have to pay tribute to Suwarora, and he would be angry if they were shortcoming.

These Waquiva, I was given to understand, occupied the steep hills surrounding this place.

In order now that full weight should be given to my expressions, I sent Bombay with the quinine to the king, in company with the boys, to give an account of all that had happened AX0-100 Dumps and further, to say I felt exceedingly distressed I could not go to see him constantly that I was ashamed of my domicile the sun was hot to walk in and when I went to the palace, his officers in waiting always kept me waiting Axis Certified Professional AX0-100 like a servant a matter hurtful to my honour and dignity.

hoping to see the queen again, whilst talking with some Kidi officers, who, contrary to the general law of the country, indulged me with some discourses on geography, from which I gathered, though their stories were rather confused, that beyond the Asua river, in the Galla country, there was another lake which was navigated by the inhabitants in very large vessels and somewhere in the same neighbourhood there was an exceedingly high mountain covered with yellow dust, which the natives collected, etc.

Many Kidi men, dressed as in the woodcut, crossed the river to visit Kamrasi they could not, however, pass us without satisfying their curiosity with a look.

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Not knowing who he was, and surprised at such audacity in Uganda, for he was the first officer who ever ventured to come near me in this manner, I offered him a knife and fork, and a share in the repast, which rather abashed him for, taking it as a rebuff, he apologised immediately for the liberty he had taken, contrary to the etiquette of Uganda society, in coming to a house when the master was at dinner and he would have left again had I not pressed him to remain.

A spy of Kamrasi dropped the report that the Wanguana were returning from Mtesa s, and hurried on to tell the king.

I then told them again and again of the messages I had sent on to Rumanika in Karague, and to Suwarora in Usui, and begged them to listen to me, instancing as an example of what could be done by perseverance the success of Columbus, who, opposed by his sailors misgivings, still when on and triumphed, creating for himself immortal renown.

It is little inferior AX0-100 Brain Dumps in size to England, and of much the same shape, though now, instead of being united, it is cut up into petty states.

Without such a recommendation our progress would be stopped by the people, P_PRO_66 Actual Test whilst with one word from him all would go straight for was he not the gatekeeper, enjoying the full confidence of Uganda A month, however, must elapse, as the distance to the palace of Uganda was great but, in the meantime, he would give me leave to go about in his country to do and see what I liked, Nnanaji and his sons escorting me everywhere.

A boy then in attendance was pointed AX0-100 Test Prep out, as having seen Grant in Uddu ten days ago.

I called on the queen to inquire after her health, and to know how my men were to be fed but, without giving me time to speak, she flew at me again about my men plundering.

But the king instead of listening to reason, impetuously said, If AX0-100 Real Exam Questions you do not pack off at once, and bring me the things I want, every man of you shall lose his head and as for the Wazinza, for interfering with my orders, they shall be kept here prisoners until you return.

On resuming our march, a bird, called khongota, flew across our path seeing which, old Nasib, beaming with joy, in his superstitious belief cried out with delight, Ah, look at that good omen now our journey will be sure to be prosperous.

Baraka, who never would have joined the expedition excepting through his invitation, was indebted to him for the rank he now enjoyed a command over seventy men, a duty in which he might have distinguished himself as a most useful accessory to the camp.

On seeing this, all my men struck up a dance, to the sound of the drums, which they carried on throughout the whole night, never ceasing until the evening of the next day.

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No one else could be seen.

Kamrasi replied, I did not allow him to go, because I heard you had gone to Uganda and Dr K yengo s men happening to be present, added, Baraka used up all the beads save forty which he gave to Kamrasi, living upon goats all the way and when he left, took back a tusk of ivory.

I said I had brought with me a few articles of European manufacture for Suwarora, which I hoped would be accepted if I presented them, for they were such things as only great men like his chief every possessed.

He hoped we would follow him, not by the land route he intended to take, but in canoes which he had ordered at the ferry below.

She declared Meri had neither tasted food or slept since my departure, but had been retching all the time.

We put up in a boma, but were not long ensconced there when the villagers got up a pretext for a quarrel, thinking they could plunder us of all our goods, and began pitching into my men.

A more savage, filthy, disgusting, but at the same time grotesque, scene than that which followed cannot be conceived.

These two worthies reached the palace, after crossing twelve considerable streams, of which one was the Luajerri, rising in the lake.

They said Kamrasi would not expect us to attack them with our guns.

Still my mind was so excited and anxious that, after remaining one day here to enjoy Grant s society, I pushed ahead again, taking Bombay with me, and had breakfast at Mchimeka s.

On hearing my fix, Abdalla said I should have men and, what s more, he would go with me as his father had promised to do but he had a large caravan detained in Ugogo, and for that he must wait.

Twice the king sent down a hasty message to say he was collecting all his men to make a search, and, if they do not succeed, the Mganga would be sent but nothing was done.

9th to 14th.

The Wanguana demanded ammunition in the most imperious manner, whilst I, in the same tone, refused to issue any lest a row should take place and they then would desert, alluding to their dastardly desertion in Msalala, when Grant was attacked.

N yamgundu then turning to the company, said, What would he do now to expiate his folly If the matter was taken before Mtesa he would lose his head was it not better he should pay one hundred Axis Network Video Exam AX0-100 Brain Dumps cows All agreeing to this, the young man said he would do so, and quietly allowed the skin to be untied and taken off by the ruffians.

There was, however, no message brought for myself and as the deputation did not come to me, I could only infer that I was quite forgotten, of that Musa, after all, had only been humbugging me.

No sooner, however, did Virembo turn tail than the Sirhid gave us a broad hint that he usually received a trifle from the Arabs before he made an attempt at arranging the hongo with Suwarora.

Of far more interest were the results of a conversation which I had with another of Kamrasi s servants, a man of Amara, as it threw some light upon certain statements made by Mr Leon of the people of Amara being Christians.

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Now were brought in some thirty odd women for punishment and execution, which the king, who of late had been trying to learn Kisuahili, in order that we might be able to converse together, asked me, in that language, if I would like to have some of these women and if so, how many On my replying One, he begged me to have my choice, and a very pretty one was selected.

Monkeys of various kinds and squirrels harbour in the trees, but are rarely seen.

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To day I tried the ground again, and, whilst walking up the hill, two black rhinoceros came trotting towards us in a very excited manner.

Now, with a promise that the compass would be sent him in the morning, he said he would see what pombe his women could spare us and, bidding good evening, walked away.

Two loads of flowers, neatly packed in long strips of rushpith, were sent for us to consume at once, as more would be given on the morrow.

It formed a strange sight in the establishment of an English gentleman, to see my men flushed with the excitement of their spoils, staggering under loads of mbugu, or leading children, mothers, goats, and dogs off in triumph to their respective huts.

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On entering the rich plantain gardens of Kisaho, I was informed we must halt there a day for Maula to join us, as he had been detained by Rumanika, who, wishing to give him a present, had summoned Rozaro s sister to his palace for that purpose.


I added, I hoped he would do so in company with his wife, which he promised, though he never dared fulfil the promise and, on our leaving, set all his servants to escort us beyond the premises.

In the evening my men returned again with Cyclops, who said, for his master, that Manua Sera desired nothing more than peace, and to make friends with the Arabs but as nothing was settled about deposing Mkisiwa, he could not come over here.

The storekeeper was then called, and confirming the story of my men, I begged him to give me what was my own.

Of the last we succeeded in turning three, the average weight of each being 360 lb.

As the fruit of last night s scheme, the king sent us four goats and two cows.


A subscription was raised to give them a purse of money they were treated with tickets to the circus, and sent back to the Seychelles, whence they were transported by steamer to Zanzibar, and taken in charge by our lately appointed Consul, Colonel Playfair, who appears to have taken much interest in them.

This little incident made my fairies bolder, and, sidling up to me one by one, they sat in a knot with me upon the ground then clasping their heads with their hands, they woh wohed in admiration of the white man they never in all their lives saw anything so wonderful his wife and children must be like him what would not Sunna have given for such a treat but it was destined to Mtesa s lot.

Why does Kamrasi keep us here He thinks you are not so near, and men have gone to tell him.

Now, slight as this little affair might appear, it was of vital importance to me, as I found all my men shaking their heads and predicting what might happen to AX0-100 Dump Test us when we got there so, as a forlorn hope, I sent Baraka with another letter to Musa, offering to pay as much money for fifty men carrying muskets as would buy fifty slaves, and, in addition to that, I offered to pay them what my men were receiving as servants.


And why not say Uganda I asked.

Stopping, however, seemed endless not so my supplies, I therefore tried advancing in detachments again, sending the free men off under Grant to Ukulima s, whilst I waited behind keeping ourselves divided in the hopes of inducing all hands to see the advisability of exerting themselves for the general AX0-100 Exam Paper good as my men, whilst we were all together, showed they did not care how long they were kept doing no more fatiguing work than chaffing each other, and feeding at my expense.

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Entering warmly into the spirit of this important intelligence, Rumanika inquired into its truth and, finding no reason to doubt it, said he would send some men back with Kamrasi s men, if I could have patience until they were ready to go.

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Finally, the little boy Lugoi had been sent to his home.

If death occurs in a natural manner, the body is usually either buried in the village or outside.

I could not stand this we were literally, as Musa said we should be, being torn to pieces so I appealed to the mace bearers, protested that Makinga could have no claims on me, as he was not a man of Usui, but a native of Utambara, and brought on a row.

This speech was hardly pronounced when Kajunju, a fine athletic man, dropped suddenly in, nodded a friendly recognition to Budja, and wished to know what the Waganda meant by taking us back, for the king had heard of their intention last night and when told by Budja his story, and by Kidgwiga mine, he vanished like a shadow.

A message came from Ukero, the governor general of Chopi, to request we would not go down the river in boats to morrow, lest the Chopi ferrymen at the falls should take fright at our strange appearance, paddle precipitately across the river, hide their boats, and be seen no more.

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Notwithstanding the stringent laws for the preservation of decorum by all male attendants, stark naked full grown women are the valets.

Further, after doing for Manua Sera, they were determined to go on to Ugogo to assist Salem bin Saif and the other merchants on, during which, at the same time, they would fight all the Wagogo who persisted in taking taxes and in harassing caravans.

Sirhid then said he would ask Suwarora to grant us an interview as soon as possible then, whilst leaving, he begged for the iron chair he had sat upon but hearing we did not know how to sit on the ground, and therefore could not spare it, he withdrew without any more words about it.


In this fearful fix I sent Baraka off with strict orders to bring Grant away at any price, except the threatened sacrifice of men, guns, and ammunition, which I would not listen to, as one more day s delay might end in further exactions at the same time, I cautioned him to save my property as far as he could, for it was to him that M yonga had formerly said that what I paid him should do for all.

With regret I also sent back the camera because I saw, had I allowed my companion to keep working it, the heat he was subjected to in the little tent whilst preparing and fixing his plates would very soon have killed him.

There were orders given only to see the stones, and if he 000-421 Vce Download took me to one hill I should wish to see another and another, and so on.

His agricultural operations are confined chiefly to rice, because the natives do not like it enough to be tempted to steal it.

With a constant reiteration of these scenes the saluting at one time, the music at another interrupted only once by a number of girls dancing something like a good rough Highland fling whilst the little band played, the day s ceremonies ended.

These I accepted, more as a government security in that country against the tricks of the natives, than for any accession they made to our strength.

At once, on firing, I was admitted to the king s favourite place, which, now that the king had a movable chair to sit upon, was the shade of the court screen.

Again she promised to feed them, but she objected to them bearing swords, for of what use are swords If the Waganda don t like the Wanguana, can swords prevail in our country And, saying this, she walked away.

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Like an evil spirit stirred up, my preparations for going no sooner were heard of than Mahamed appeared again, and after a long and sharp contest in words, he promised us guides if I would consent to write him a note, testifying that my going was against his expressed desire.

Nothing, however, was done.

Oh, fearful said one, hide your faces it is the Lubari.

We sometimes noticed Albinos, with greyishblue eyes and light straw coloured hair.

I had no chance of seeing any visitors, save the tiresome pages, who asked me to give or to do something for the king every day and my prospect was cheerless, as I had been flatly refused a visit to Usoga until Grant should come.

No one even dare ever talk about the royal pedigree of the countries that have been conquered, or even of any neighbouring countries no one dare visit the king s guests, or be visited by them, without leave, else Axis Network Video Exam AX0-100 Brain Dumps the king, fearing sharers in his plunder, would say, Axis AX0-100 Brain Dumps What are you plucking our goose for Neither can any one cast his eye for a moment on the women of the palace, whether out walking or at home, lest he should be accused of amorous intentions.

To follow up our success in the marching question and keep the king to his promise, I called at his palace, but found he had gone out shooting.

Musa even showed fear, but arranged, at my suggestion, that he should send some men to Rumanika, informing him of our intention to visit him, and begging, at the same time, he would use his influence in preventing our being detained in Usui.


I was shown in at once, and found her majesty sitting on an Indian carpet, dressed in a red linen wrapper with a gold border, and a box, in shape of a lady s work box, prettily coloured in divers patters with minute beads, by her side.

As we were all waiting on, I took a rise out of the Kamraviona by telling him I wanted a thousand men to march with me through Kidi to Gani.

Neither my experience with native chiefs, nor my money and guns, were of any use to me, simply because my men were such incomprehensible fools, though many of them who had travelled before ought to have known better.

The Waguana then all mutinied for a cloth apiece, saying they would not lift a load unless I gave it.


The next two days took us through Chagamoyo to Kiratosi, AX0-100 Exam Engines by the aid of the compass for the route Kamrasi s men took differed from the one which Budja knew, and he declared the Wanyoro were leading us into a trap, and would not be convinced we were going on all right till I pulled out the compass and confirmed the Wanyoro.

Mtesa has no right to order me out of another man s house, to be an enemy with one whose friendship I desire.

The Gallas, or Abyssinians, who are tall and fair, like Rumanika, I said, might do so, for they live not far off on the other side of Amara, but we never fight for such paltry objects.

15th I called on the king with all the spirits I had made, as well as the saccharine residue.

Bukhet then returned to Mahamed and reported his defeat and losses upon hearing which, Mahamed at once said to him, What do you mean by returning to me empty handed go back at once and recover your things else how can I make my report at Gondokoro With these peremptory orders Bukhet went back to Panyoro, and commenced to attack it.

Rumanika, above all, was as delighted as if he had come in for a fortune, and sent to say the Raglan coat was a marvel, and the scarlet broadcloth the finest thing he had ever seen.

indeed, it appeared to me as if the N yanza must have once washed the foot of these hills, but had since shrunk away from its original margin.


On hearing our intention to march upon the 000-866 Questions And Answers Pdf direct line, he frankly said he thought we should never get through for my men could not travel as he had done, and therefore he advised our deflecting northwards from New Mbumi to join the track leading from Rumuma to Ugogi.

A black cat was then given to the messenger for Suwarora, and Musa sent an account of all that I had done towards effecting a peace, saying that the Arabs had accepted my views, and if he would have patience until I arrived in Usui, the four men required would be sent with me.

I went to the palace, and found, as usual, a large levee waiting the king s pleasure to appear amongst whom were the Kamraviona, Masimbi, and the king s sister Miengo.

Mtesa, he said, was so mad to see us, that the instant he arrived at the palace and told him we wished to visit him, the king caused fifty big men and four hundred small ones to be executed, because, he said, his subjects were so bumptious they would not allow any visitors to come near him, else he would have had white men before.

In short, the system of government, according to barbarous ideas was perfect.

I then gave Nnanaji, who had been constantly throwing out hints that I ought to give him a gun as he was a great sportsman, a lappet of beadwork to keep his tongue quiet, and he in return sent me a bullock and sundry pots of pombe, which, in addition to the daily allowance sent by Rumanika, made all my people drunk, and so affected Baraka that one of the women also drunk having given him some sharp abuse, he beat her in so violent a manner that the whole drunken camp set upon him, and turned the place into a pandemonium.

This was the last village on the Uganda frontier, and before we could go any farther on boats it would be necessary to ask leave of Kamrasi s frontier officer, N yamyonjo, to enter Unyoro.

Kaggao, a large district officer, considered the second in rank here, received permission for me to call upon him with my medicines.

U n ya muezi Country of Moon must have been one of the largest kingdoms in Africa.

Baraka then, wishing to beguile me, as he thought he could do, into believing him a wonderful man for both pluck and honesty, said he had had many battles to fight with the men since I had been gone to Kaze, for there were two strong parties in the camp those who, during the late rebellion at Zanzibar, had belonged to the Arabs that sided with Sultan Majid, and were royalists, and those who, having belonged to the rebellious Arabs, were on the opposite side.

I sent the king a present of a double barrelled gun and ammunition, and received in answer a request that both Grant and myself would attend a levee, which he was to hold in state, accompanied by his bodyguard, as when 1Z0-228 Exam Book I was first presented to him.

This was startling, and induced me to send all the men I could prudently spare off to Grant at once, cautioning him to avoid Ruhe s, as Lumeresi had promised me he would not allow one other thing to be taken from me.

He then called for his wideawake, and walked with us into another quarter of his palace, when he entered a dressing hut, followed by a number of full grown, stark naked women, his valets AX0-100 Brain Dumps at the same time ordering a large body of women to sit on one side the entrance, whilst I, with Bombay, were directed to sit on the other, waiting till he was ready to hold another levee.


This day also I spent watching the fish flying at the falls, and felt as if I only wanted a wife and family, garden and yacht, rifle and rod, to make me happy here for life, so charming was the place.

Feeling his power, he raised an army and attempted to fight for the crown, which it is generally admitted would have succeeded, had not Musa, with unparalleled magnanimity, employed all the ivory merchandise at his command to engage the services of all the Arabs slaves residing at Kufro, to bring muskets against him.

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The present gave great satisfaction.

I doubt, however, whether one word of my message ever reached her.


Many mendicant women, called by some Wichwezi, by others Mabandwa, all wearing the most fantastic dresses of mbugu, covered with beads, shells, and sticks, danced before us, singing a comic song, the chorus of which was a long shrill rolling Cooroo coo roo, coo roo coo roo, delivered as they came to a standstill.

I expected as much when the oily blackguard Mfumbi came over from his chief to ask after my health so, judging from my experience with Makaka, I told Lumeresi at once to tell me what he considered his due, for this fearful haggling was killing me by inches.

Cows, after leaving the low lands near the coast, are found to be plentiful everywhere, and to produce milk in small quantities, from which butter is made.

When within a few miles of the palace we were ordered to stop and wait for Kachuchu s return but no sooner put up in a plaintain grove, where pombe was brewing, and our men were all taking a suck at it, than the worthy arrived to call us on the same instant, as the king was most anxious to see us.

Occasionally there was the fixing of certain crucial stations, at intervals of sixty miles or so, by lunar observations, or distances of the moon either from the sun or from certain given stars, for determining the longitude, by which the original timed course can be drawn out with certainty on the map by proportion.

This being settled, I took ninety five yards of the commonest stuff as a makeshift for mosquito curtains for my men, besides four sailor s shirts for my head men.

Lumeresi, on hearing this, first consulted me, saying his chief was displeased with him, accusing him of being too proud, in having at once two such distinguished guests, and meant by these acts only to humble him.

We must go again, for there is some mistake Grant is with Kamrasi, and N yamyongo cannot stop us.

They were not bad eating, though all ground animals of the lowest order.

I then tried to send Bombay off with Bui, Nasib, and their guide, by night but though Bombay was willing, the other two hung back on the old plea.

27th and 28th.

Tidiness in dress is imperatively necessary, and for any neglect of this rule the head may be the forfeit.

Next day 17th I received a letter from Grant, narrating the whole of his catastrophes In the Jungles, near M yonga s, 16th Sept.

5th and 6th.

Stick charms, being pieces of wood of all shapes, supposed to have supernatural virtues, and coloured earths, endowed with similar qualities, are produced by the royal magicians.

This, however, was not so easy for Lumeresi, having heard of my arrival, sent his Wanyapara, or grey beards, to beg I would visit AX0-100 Brain Dumps Damir Junuzovic him.

At last, when they did go, Musa, who was suffering from a sharp illness, to prove to me that he was bent on leaving Kaze the same time as myself, began eating what he called his training pills small dried buds of roses with alternate bits of sugar candy.

Hearing this, the king rose in a huff, without deigning to reply, and busied himself in another court.

It consisted in proving the sextants rating the watches examining the compasses and boiling thermometers making tents and packsaddles ordering supplies of beads, cloth, and brass wire and collecting servants and porters.

I was not sorry to find the king attempting to draw me to court, daily to sit in attendance on him as his officers were obliged to do all day long, in order that he might always have a full court or escort whenever by chance he might emerge from his palace, for it gave me an opening for asserting my proper position.

This foolish disruption having at first only lasted for a while, the road was again opened and again closed, for the merchants wanted an easy passage, and the native chiefs desired cloths.

The river, very unlike what it was from the Ripon Falls downward, bore at once the character of river and lake clear in the centre, AX0-100 Study Material but fringed in most places with tall rush, above which the green banks sloped back like park lands.

On seeing me, he took me affectionately by the hand, and, as we walked along together, he asked me what I wanted, showed me the house which was burnt down, and promised to settle the road question in the morning.

Well, what is it we are all attention.

The same evening I was attracted by the sound of drums to a neighbouring village, where, by the moonlight, I found the natives were dancing.

The battle commenced, he stated, by the one side abusing the other for their deeds during that rebellion, the rebels in this sort of contest proving themselves the stronger.


Our cross purposes seemed to increase for, while I could not get a satisfactory interview, the king sent for N yamgundu to ascertain why I had given him good guns and many pretty things which he did not know the use of, and yet I would not visit him to explain their several uses.