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No sooner, however, did Virembo turn tail than the Sirhid gave us a broad hint that he usually received a trifle from the Arabs before he made an attempt at arranging the hongo with Suwarora.

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I then told him all my mishaps in Sorombo, as well as of the blue devil frights that had seized all my men.

This appeal had its effect he called on his men to volunteer, and twelve porters came forward, who no sooner left, than in came another letter from Grant, informing me that he had collected almost enough men to march with, and that M yonga had returned on of the six missing loads, and promised to right him in everything.

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He first, it seems, thought of leaving his toiletroom to follow me, but, finding I was walking fast, and had gone far, changed his mind, and sent Wakungu running after me.

Grant, doing duty for me, tried a day s penance at the palace, but though he sat all day in the ante chamber, and musicians were ordered into the presence, nobody called for him.


On arrival at the scene of action a thicket or acacia shrubs all the men in the neighbourhood were assembled to beat.


He thought it impossible for us to pull through the wilderness, with its jungle grasses and roots, depending for food only on Grant s gun and my own still we made half way to the Mdaburu nullah, taking some of Mamba s out to camp with us, as he promised to take letters and specimens down to the coast for us, provided I paid him some cloths as ready money down, and promised some more to be paid at Zanzibar.

9 20 48 , E.


A circumstance arose here, which, insignificant though it appeared, is worth noting, to show how careful one must be in understanding and dealing with negro servants.

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A plan of the lake and Nile, which I brought with me to explain our projects for reaching Karague and Gani, engaged the king s attention for a while but still he would not agree to let anything be done until IBM Certified Advanced Deployment Professional c2010-652 the messenger returned from Unyoro.


I was king of the Wanguana, and might choose to dispense with the attendance.

It proved so obstinate that fire had no effect upon it and although we cut off the tails of some to relieve them by bleeding, still they died.

Snay, in opposition to my advice, was bent on fighting he could not be recalled and unless all the Arabs were of one mind, I ran the risk of committing myself to a position I could not maintain.


And would you like to shoot buffalo Yes, if you will go.

I declined to gratify it, taking my stand on my dignity there was no occasion for any distrust on such a trifling matter as that, for I was not a merchant who sought for gain, but had come, at great expense, to see the king of this region.

This officer had been wishing to see us as much as we had been to see him but Kamrasi would not allow him to get access to us, for fear, it was said, lest the Waganda should know where we were hidden, and enable Mtesa to send an army to come and snatch us away.

By a letter from Sheikh Said I then found that, since my leaving Kaze, the Arabs had, along with Mkisiwa, invested the position of Manua Sera at Kigue, and forced him to take flight again.

On the first appearance of the new moon every month, the king shuts himself up, contemplating and arranging his magic horns the horns of wild animals stuffed with charm powder for two or three days.

I then gave him a tortoise shell comb to comb his hair straight with, as he invariably remarked on the beautiful manner in which I dressed my hair, making my uncap to show it to his women, and afterwards asked my men to bring on the affair of last night.

In the first object we succeeded well, as the bags we made counted two brindled gnu, four water boc, one pallah boc, and one pig, enough to feed abundantly the whole camp round.

When two days had elapsed, one of the three missing Wahuma women was discovered in a village close by.


Hearing this, the king looked at the boy and then at the women in turn, to ascertain what they thought of my opinion, whereupon the boy cried.

Still I rejected the offered cow, until the 2nd, when, finding him as dogged as ever, at the advice of my men I accepted it, hoping thus to please him but it was no use, for he now said he must have two deoles, or he would never allow me to leave his palace.

Since then, twenty generations ago, it is said the Wahuma government of Karague was established in the same manner.

If we steal, you flog us and if we ask the Waganda for food, they beat us.

This was the sport Bana must shoot a nundo adjutant for the king s gratification.

In consequence of this, the women look after the household work such as brewing, cooking, grinding corn, making pottery and baskets, and taking care of the house and the children, besides helping the slaves whilst cultivating, or even tending the cattle sometimes.

When the fatal sentence was pronounced, a terrible bustle ensued, the convict wrestling and defying, whilst the other men seized, pulled and tore the struggling wretch from the crowd, bound him hands and head together, and led or rather tumbled him away.


So after winding through back gardens, the slums of Bandowaroga, I struck upon the highroad close to her majesty s, where everything looked like the royal palace on a miniature scale.

He then thought of adjutant shooting with ball, left the court sitting, desired me to follow him, and leading the way, went into the interior of the palace, where only a few select officers were permitted to follow us.

But this view was only for the moment again we dived into the grasses and forced our way along.

Wondrous world it was not ten minutes since we parted from the king, yet he had found time to transact this bloody piece of business.

In the day s work at the palace, army collecting, ten officers were bound because they failed to bring a sufficient number of fighting men, but were afterwards released on their promising to bring more.

At daybreak Rumanika sent us word he was off to MogaNamarinzi, a spur of a hill beyond the Little Windermere, overlooking the Ingezi Kagera, or river which separates Kishakka from Karague, to show me how the Kiangule river was fed by small lakes and marshes, in accordance with my expressed wish to have a better comprehension of the drainage system of the Mountains of the Moon.

He would get a suitable offering of wire, and lay his complaint in court the first opportunity.

He defended his overcautiousness when admitting us into Unyoro.

He took huff IBM c2010-652 at this, and, as he could not help himself, walked away, leaving us to do as we liked.

They said they had an army of four hundred slaves armed with muskets ready to take the field at once to hunt down Manua Sera, who was cutting their caravan road to pieces, and had just seized, by their latest reports, a whole convoy of their ammunition.

At last we got under way, and, after winding through a long forest, we emerged on the first of the populous parts of Usui, a most convulsed looking country, of well rounded hills composed of sandstone.

Rising, with my hand to my heart, and gracefully bowing at this strange announcement for at that moment I was full of hunger and wrath I intimated I was much flattered at hearing it, but as my house was in a state of starvation, I trusted he would consider it.


I did not suspect her intention, because of late she had appeared much more than ordinary happy, behaving to me in every respect like a dutiful child to a parent.

Proceeding through the semi desert rolling table land in one place occupied by men who build their villages in large open squares of flat topped mud huts, which, when I have occasion to refer to them in future, I shall call by their native C2010-571 Training name tembe we could see on the right hand the massive mountains overhanging the Mukondokua river, to the front the western chain of these hills, and to the left the high crabclaw shaped ridge, which, IBM c2010-652 Exam Cram extending from the western chain, circles round conspicuously above the swelling knolls which lie between the two main rocky ridges.

Failing to find him on the way home, I shot, besides florikan and guinea chicks, a wonderful goatsucker, remarkable for the exceeding length of some of its feathers floating out far beyond the rest in both wings.

Accordingly, we tied up a bag of the commonest mixed beads, added the king s chronometer, and sent them to Kamrasi with a violent message that we were thoroughly disgusted with all that had happened the beads were for the poor beggar who came to our house yesterday, not to see us, but to beg and as we did not desire the acquaintance of beggars, we had made up our minds never to call again, nor receive any more bread or wine from the king.

Further, I told Baker of my contract with Kamrasi, and of the property I had left behind, with a view to stimulate any enterprising man who might be found at this place to go there, make good my promise, and, if found needful, claim my share of the things, for the better prosecution of his own travels there.

This shut them up, but at night two of them deserted the Wanyamuezi porters also deserted, and I had to find more.


Finally, he settled down to a musical concert, in which he took the lead himself.

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I merely had asked him for a guide and interpreter, for go I must.

I found that, as the instrument was supposed to be a magic charm of very wonderful powers, my meddling with it and treating it as an ordinary movable was considered a kind of sacrilege.

Proceeding to the queen s palace, we met Murondo, who had once travelled to the Masai frontier.

Oh, how we enjoyed it every one feeling so happy at the prospect of meeting so soon the good king Rumanika.

He asked to be shown the books of birds and animals, and no sooner saw some specimens of Wolf s handiwork, than, in utter surprise, he exclaimed, I know how these are done a bird was caught and stamped upon the paper, using action to his words, and showing what he meant, while all his followers n yanzigged for the favour of the exhibition.

However, should he, after hearing my sentiments, still persist in asking for the knife to be sent by the hands of a black man, I would pack it up with all the things I had brought for him, and send them by a black man, judging that he liked black men more than white.

Pilgrimages are not uncommon, and sometimes the king spends c2010-652 Exam Cram a fortnight yachting but whatever he does, or wherever he goes, the same ceremonies prevail his musicians, Wakungu, pages, and the wives take part in all.

This was a damper at once.

It was all the same to us, as we now only thought of the prospect of relief before us, and laughed at what we had gone through.

Some men who had fled from their village when Mahamed s plundering party passed by them the other day, surprised that he did not stop to sack their homes, now brought ten large tusks of ivory to him to express the gratitude they said they felt for his not having molested them.

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Mabruki then told me he was kept waiting at a village, one hour s walk from Kamrasi s palace, five days before they were allowed to approach his majesty but when they were seen, and the presents exchanged, they were ordered to pack off the following morning, as Kamrasi said the Waganda were a set of plundering blackguards.

The whole day and half of the next went in discussions.

Pokino at this time came in with a number of well made shields, and presented them grovelling and n yanzigging but though the governor of an important province, who had not been seen by the king for years, he was taken no more notice of than any common Mkungu.

All the Wanguana struck, and said they would go no further.

I found that every one of Mahamed s men was against our going to Gondokoro.

Thinking, however, that I have already sufficiently trespassed on the patience of the reader, I am unwilling to overload my volume with any matter that does not directly relate to the solution of the great problem which I went to solve.

Everybody ran to see them at once, though the march had been long and fatiguing, and even my sketch block was called into play.

But little is seen of these people on the journey, as the chiefs take their taxes c2010-652 Exam Questions And Answers by deputy, partly out of pride, and partly because they think they can extort more by keeping in the mysterious distance.

Nobody had even dreamt for a moment c2010-652 Answers it was possible we could come through.

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Huge snails and small ones, as well as fresh water shells, are very abundant, though the conchologist would find but little variety to repay his labours and insects, though innumerable, are best sought for after the rains have set in.

Then turning the subject, in the highest good humour the king made centurions of N IBM c2010-652 Exam Cram yamgundu and Maula, my two Wakungu, for their good service, he said, in bringing him such a valuable guest.

He thought the N yanza was the sources of the Ruvuma river as the river which drained the N yanza, after passing between Uganda and Usoga, went through Unyoro, and then all round the Tanganyika lake into the Indian Ocean, south of Zanzibar.

I then counted all the wires over, at Bombay s request, and found them complete in numbers, without those he had set aside from the dowry money.

All the chiefs on ahead would do the same as Lumeresi the whole country was roused.

When killing a cow, they kneel down in an attitude of prayer, with both hands together, held palm upwards, and utter Zu, a word the meaning of which he did not know.

She told me for the future to send my men to her palace for food, and rob no more in the meanwhile, here were some plantains for them.

All conversation was kept between the two queens but her Wichwezi majesty had a platter of clay stone brought, which she ate with great relish, making a noise of satisfaction like a happy guinea pig.

Most gladdening news this day came in to cheer me.

Some Gani officials arrived to inform him IY0-120 Certificate that there were two white men in the vessel spoken of as at Gani a second vessel was coming in there, and several others were on their way.

Presuming this to be a very fair proposition, and thinking we would only have to walk across an elbow of land where the river bends considerably, we gave him a return present of beads, and did as we were bid but, after moving, it was obvious we had been sold.

After this, veering round for a moment on the generous tack, he offered me a cow, which I declined.

The battle commenced, he stated, by the one MOFF Test Engine side abusing the other for their deeds during c2010-652 Study Material that rebellion, the rebels in this sort of contest proving themselves the stronger.


At the same time, the Wanguana, who had carbines, were obliged to be drilled in their use and formed into companies, with captains of ten, headed c2010-652 Exam Cram by General Baraka, who was made commander in chief.

They require a government like ours in India and c2010-652 Latest Dumps without it, the slave trade will wipe them off the face of the earth.

Hardly a word was said about anything else even the pictures, which generally are in such demand, attracted but little notice.

I would stay no longer among such people.

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Bombay alone, of all my men, obeyed my orders, touching nothing and when remonstrated with for having lead the men, he said he could not help it the boys had deceived him in the same way as they had tricked me.

Small antelopes occasionally sprang up from the grass.

The next day my men came from Kaze with letters from Sheikh Snay and Musa.

14th to 17th.

Nothing, however, seemed to be done to promote the union, until one old lady, sitting by the king s side, who was evidently learned in the etiquette and traditions of the court, said, Wait and see if he embraces, otherwise you may know he is not pleased.

All n yanzigged for this great condescension, and said they were delighted with their guest then producing a strip of common joho to compare it with my blanket, they asked if I could recognise it.

Here the first man to meet me was the fugitive chief of Rubuga, Maula.

After the men had all started, the captains of companies followed, even more fantastically dressed and last of all came the great Colonel Congow, a perfect Robinson Crusoe, with his long white haired goat IBM SmartCloud Control Desk V7.5 Fundamentals c2010-652 Exam Cram skins, a fiddle shaped leather shield, tufted with white hair at all six extremities, bands of long hair tied below the knees, and a magnificent helmet, covered with rich beads of every colour, in excellent taste, surmounted with a plume of crimson feathers, from the centre of which rose a bent stem, tufted with goat hair.

I immediately c2010-652 Certification Answers paid him a visit to offer the compliments of the season, and at the same time regretted, much to his amusement, that he, as one of the old stock of Abyssinians, who are the oldest Christians on record, should have forgotten this rite but c2010-652 Cert Guide I hoped the time would come when, by making it known that his tribe had lapsed into a state of heathenism, white teachers would be induced to set it all to rights again.

I suspected A2040-927 Test Questions that there must be a considerable quantity of game in this district, as stake nets and other traps were found in all the huts, as well as numbers of small antelope hoofs spitted on pipe sticks an ornament which is counted the special badge of the sportsman in this part of Africa.

Fascinated with this speech, she said she would give me another of a middle age between the two, expecting, as I thought, that she would thus induce me to visit her more frequently than I did her son but, though I thanked her, it frightened me from visiting her for ages after.

Next day 11th , crossing over a succession of forks, supporters to the main spur, we encamped at Luandalo.

Difficulties now commenced c2010-652 Dumps Pass4sure again 28th.

I fired my gun, and admitted at once, but none of the others could follow c2010-652 Exam Cram me save Miengo.

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Sheikh Said bin Salem, our late Cafila Bashi, or caravan captain, was appointed to that post again, as he wished to prove his character for honour and honesty and it now transpired that he had been ordered not to go with me when I discovered the Victoria N yanza.

Once over, I looked down on the noble stream with considerable pride.

on the journey northwards.


I then gave Musa the last of the gold watches the Indian Government had given me FN 9 and, bidding Sheikh Said take all our letters and specimens back to the coast as soon as the road was found practicable, set out on the march northwards with Grant and Baraka, and all the rest of my men who were well enough to carry loads, as well as some of Musa s head men, who knew where to get porters.

Still at home, an invalid, I received a visit from Meri, who seemed to have quite recovered herself.

In the evening, whilst we were returning from shooting, a party of Waganda, also lying in the bush, called out to know what we were about saying, 1Z0-353 Vce Software Is it not enough that you have turned us out of our homes and plantations, leaving us to live like animals in the wilderness and when told we were only searching for sport, would not believe that our motive was any other than hostility to themselves.

These two worthies reached the palace, after crossing twelve considerable streams, of which one was the Luajerri, rising in the lake.

He was sorry he sent us back yesterday from his house and invited us to change ground to another village close by, where he would make arrangements for our receiving other boats, as the ones we had in possession must go back.

Grant here shot a rhinoceros, which came well into play to mix with the day s flour we had carried on from Vihembe.

Rather staggered at this unexpected manifestation of affection, which was like a conjunction of the two hemispheres, I gave him a squeeze in return for his hug, but raised my head above the reach of his lips, and asked who was his master Petrik, was the reply.

At first she came trotting after me, then timidly paused, then advanced, and, as I approached, stood spellbound at my remarkable appearance.

Quite approving himself of this suggestion, Lumeresi then gave me one of his officers to be my guide his name was Sangizo.

I therefore shot a dove close to the royal abode, and, as I expected, roused the king at once, who sent his pages to know what the firing was about.

In the best good humour now, I showed Mahamed our picture books and as he said he always drilled his two hundred men every Friday, I said I would, if he liked, command them myself.

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Manua, one of my men, who is a twin, said, in Nguru, one of the sister provinces to Unyanyembe, twins are ordered to be killed and thrown into water the moment they are born, lest droughts and famines or floods should oppress the land.

In the evening, Masudi, with Sangoro and several other merchants, came up from Kufro to pay us a visit of respect.


We were now in U za Ramo, which may mean the country of Ramo, though I have never found any natives who could enlighten me on the derivation of this obviously triple word.

Then you will send me some from Gani brandy if you like it makes people sleep sound, and gives them strength.

Kamrasi conducts all business himself, awarding punishments and seeing them carried out.

We should have seen him yesterday, only that it rained and, as a precaution against our meeting being broken up, a shed was being built.

Now Wiru in the northern dialect changes to Waddu in the southern hence Uddu, the land of the slaves, which remained in one connected line from the Nile to the Kitangule Kagera until eight generations back, when, according to tradition, a sportsman from Unyoro, by name Uganda, came with a pack of dogs, a woman, a spear, and a shield, hunting on the left bank of Katonga valley, not far from the lake.

Poor little Lugoi joined in the repast, and said he longed to return to my hut, for he was half starved here, and no one took any notice of him but he was destined to be a royal page, for the king would not part with him.

Returning homewards, the afternoon was spent at a hospitable officer s, who would not allow us to depart until my men were all fuddled with pombe, and the evening setting in warned us to wend our way.

They carried no pots either for cooking their dinners, and therefore took from the villagers all that they wanted.

There must have been some special reason why, in a court where trifling breaches of etiquette were punished with a cruel death, so grave a crime should have been so leniently dealt with but I could not get at the bottom of the affair.

From this, we repaired to the great throne hut, where all his Wakungu at once formed court, and business was commenced.

Kamrasi then began counting the leaves of the Bible, an amusement that every negro that gets hold of a book indulges in and, concluding in his mind that each page or leaf represented one year of time since the beginning of creation, continued his labour till one quarter of the way through the book, and then only shut it up on being told, if he desired to ascertain the number more closely, he had better count the words.

Well, says the king, I have acceded to everything you have to say and the day after to morrow, when I shall have had time to collect men to go with you, and selected the two princes you have promised to educate, we will meet again and say good bye but you must give me a gun and some more medicine, as well as the powder and ball you promised after reaching the vessels.

If you won t go in boats, let us go by land to N yamyongo s, and the boats will follow after.

Virembo then said 3d he must have some more wire and beads, as his proxy Kariwami had been satisfied with too little.

A grand flute concert was then played, one of the younger brothers keeping time with a long hand drum then the band played and dancing and duets and singing followed.

The elephant is killed with a new kind of spear, with a doubleedged blade a yard long, and a handle which, weighted in any way most easy, is pear shaped.

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They acknowledged the truth and force of my demand, and said they would each give me a cow as an earnest, until their chief, who was absent, arrived.

I sent three, feeling that nothing would be lost by being open handed.